Bulk Foods

     What are bulk foods? If you are thinking that means we sell products only in large quantities, please allow us to explain. While we do indeed sell 50 pound sacks of flour, sugar, oatmeal, and other staple ingredients, we offer many smaller options. Since we buy in quantity, (think 50 pounds of baking cocoa,) and repackage it into manageable sizes at our licensed facility, we are able to offer you lower prices. So in reality, you can purchase several ounces of spice and have the satisfaction of saving money because you are buying bulk food.

     Explore our selection of bulk foods from coconut oil or Chia seeds, to candy and nuts. We stock a dozen different wheat flours and also some gluten-free options. You can browse through 70 different spices and seasoning blends.

Have you been searching for an ingredient that you can not find anywhere?

Please, contact us and we may be able to special order it for you.